*N Ambika was just 14 years old when she got married to one of the Police constable at Dindikal, Tamilnadu, even she was a victim of Child Marriage. But she didn’t blame the system for her marriage. At the age of 18 she blessed with a 2 daughters Aigan and* *Niharika* .

*Ambika’s husband works as a Police Constable in TN Government, one fine day he leaves his home early to attend a Parade program and the guest were followed by the IG and DG of the respective locality.*
*Ambika was curious about the honouring and respect given for the DG and IG, and the same day when her husband arrives back home, she questions him about the DC and IG, when her husband says that he is the rank 1 officer for our department, a dream arises* **in the Ambika’s mind that* *even she wants to become that level of officer.*
*But Ambika was married at a very small age, she couldn’t even complete her SSLC, but her husband supports her dream, and advices her to take the external SSLC, later she even completes external PUC and Degree.*
*She requests with her husband that she want to move to Chennai for the IPS coaching, can he make a arrangement of the PG facility, Ambika’s husband was very cooperative for all her works and he used to support her in all the ways.* *He makes a PG facility for her in Chennai and makes all other facility for her IPS Coaching.*

*Even after lot of efforts, Ambika fails to clear IPS in 3 attempts, her husband comes back to her and advise her that come back to his place and also says that government has given me know Accommodation* *facility and by the time I get retire even I will be having 2 stars on my shoulder.*

*Ambika listens patiently to her husband words and replies give me one-year time, if I wouldn’t pass, I will come back and after this* *much struggle at least i could work as a Teacher in some school. In the fourth Attempt, Ambika clears IPS prelims, Mains and Interview.*

*After clearing IPS in 2008, she gets into training provided by the Department, In training she was a Batchmet of Ravi D Chennanavar DCP Bangalore, he used to say* *about her in the camps, how attentive and brave she was in the training moment.*

*.Ambika now works as a DCP North 4 division in Mumbai.If Ambika would blame her parents on that day for child marriage then she wouldn’t become DCP today. So instead of blaming the system or people, make an attempt to come outside* *of that system and try to change the system.*

**By this today Ambika has become a role model for many and there are many *Ambika hidden who are reading this story, be brave and start the journey towards your destiny.*


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