We are proud to introduce our Mazhalai Tamil application which helps your kids to learn alphabets object representations for each letter and with human pronunciation.

300+ words & sounds for your little learners! And its fully FREE!

Let your kids learn Tamil Alphabets in an easy way by relating each Alphabet with an animal or object.
Come let us fine tune your kid to LEARN Tamil by using your phone which is as entertaining as playing games.

Does alphabets are the only thing to learn from our App?
Certainly a big NO. The kids can learn more such as Animals, Colors, Shapes, Fruits ,Vegetables, Numbers, Days ,Human body parts, Solar System, Tamil Months and English Months.

All the images in the App are calibrated very precisely so that the kids can easily identify each objects.

This app not only helps them to identify objects but also help them with the pronunciations.
– Full package is FREE
– Includes Uyir, Mei & Uyir Mei ezhuthukal.
– Easy navigation in a sequential manner (so your kids can explore on their own), Slideshow Mode available.
– Targeted for 2 to 6 year old kids
– Make the App as a Flash Card by enabling options in Settings.
– Get remained to teach your kids (Get Notified in Tamil or English Language)

We are eager to hear from parents, teachers and from children too about how this application made the difference in young learner’s education progress.

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