T.N Govt. Confirm the Selection of Prior 2009 M.Phil holders

Regarding Advt. No.210,27.09.2009 through TNPSC, calferd Physical Director/Assistant Professor Post in Tamil Nadu Collegiate education, Madurai high court confirm the selection of Prior July 11, 2009 M.Phil Holders as per UGC regulation 2016 on 03.01.2018. In continuation, Tamil Nadu Higher education, accepts & confirming by issuing Appointment Order as respectively.
It will reflect in upcoming Special TRB for Guest  Lecturers Regularisation and General TRB also.
Educationist say, by the equalent prior July 11, 2009 M.Phil holders to SET/NET, those will get 5 marks in TRB.

college order copy.pdf click here to download

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